Sunday, October 09, 2011

BeautyBrainsLife: From All of Us...

BeautyBrainsLife: From All of Us...: I stole these from my siblings status on Facebook today... Two years ago from today my father died, it seem as if it has been an eternit...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Never thought I'd ever see JAPAN. Years later here I sit trying to gather my thoughts for this blog. It's been awhile. A lot has happened! I am not sure what this trip will have in store for me. However surround me with good food and friends and I am good! The World is a huge place. Let's get lost! Over and Out

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I think it's really good idea to get your thoughts whether its through communicating on the phone, talking to a friend, or blogging. I THINK it's a great way to express oneself. CHRISTMAS EVE! WOW! Where to begin? Today, was a very busy day! At work we had Christmas Concert with the kids. Each class presented a Christmas carol they had been working on all Month and the winners would receive special prizes! The kids enjoyed watching other classmates from other classes perform. It also was a nice break for us teachers as well to sit back and watch the students present what they had been working hard on. More importantly it was a good way to start the weekend! The traffic this afternoon was insane! It was bumper to bumper a 50min trip took 3hrs! It was quite the journey getting to the Robinsons house in Gapyeong, South Korea. However I managed to make it. I called one of my close Korean friends and mapped out which route I should take and I executed the plan. I do enjoy getting lost sometimes. It forces you to rely on other humans for directions as well use the language. In my case I try to study Korean as much as I can. Living in Korea why wouldn't I try? Anyways, tonight it paid off as I had to navigate through some hurdles. I am glad that I didn't stay behind in my city ICHEON on XMAS Eve. Instead I spent it with people who know me and who I feel comfortable around. To me that's most important. So as I wrap up this post up. Greetings from SOUTH KOREA! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!! GOOOOO GEEETTT LOOOOSSST!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Random Thoughts

Thanksgiving has come and gone. The Birthday celebration is over and X-mas is approaching fast. There has been a lot of speculation as to what NORTH KOREA will or won't do. I have recieved several emails asking me about how it is over here regarding the whole situation. To be honest it's hard to explain to outsiders. Not to be rude but they just won't understand even if I told them. To be honest working and living out here works great for me! I enjoy teaching. I love kids. I love having my own little crib. It's easy to get around! I have met some chill peeps in my city to kick it with during the week. I am apart of a basketball team and we play every single weekend. My best friend is out here. I have close friends in Seoul to stay with on weekends. I have a great work relationship with my Co-Workers. I know I say it all the time but im Blessed. So, I answer the question with a sharp EVERYTHING IS BUSINESS AS USUAL HERE! Koreans have been dealing with this ever since the war ended. My take on it is that they are getting annoyed about hearing about the THREATS. Anyways, I am not gonna dwell on it for too long. I said my prayers nothing I can do about it soooo. Also I have been here almost two months and I have yet to post pictures or videos lol. I guess part of me has lost the 1st time buzz! Snapping pictures of every dinner, building, or drunk Audjushee I see on the ground! However! I haven't lost the desire to be here to explore and learn! I am currently working through a Korean Book right now that is teaching me how to write and read Korean. I have made a lot of progress in this short time! I can't wait for the new journey ahead! This week I have begun to map and plan out my vacation! I have no clue where I am going to go! But hopefully I will be able to go to THAILAND, VIETNAM, JAPAN, OR CHINA so we shall see! Anyways, this was just a semi Rant or Update lol...Hope everyone is good

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

If your not green and growing. Your ripe and rottening

Fresh off a wonderful 25th Birthday which marked my second Birthday in South Korea. The celebration started on SATURDAY with a Thanksgiving Meal my Nuna (the name you would call an older sister or someone close to you that's an older female) prepared! It made me and my friends all feel at home! We feasted on the foods that bring us happiness around this time of the year! But to be honest I couldn't stop thinking about friends that have passed away so young. I felt really blessed that God allowed me to see another Birthday. I also prayed for the families that lost love ones at a young age. I also couldn't help but think about my old college neighbor who passed away a year after we graduated. He drowned while swimming in Costa Rica where he was caught in a riptide. He was only 22. It just made me realize how blessed I am to be in Korea and in good health. My prayers go out to the GARBER family may God bring you peace.

Ok so where to begin? I don't even no what to write. Honestly I needed some motivation to get back on my blog game! I realize how important it is for those who are debating about teaching in Korea. I love blogs! It's honestly how I made the leap! When I decided to come after I graduated in 08 I did research and read as many blogs as possible! I relied on the feedback of others and what I read to make my decision! Recently I met a fellow ESL TEACHER in SEOUL, her blog has rejuvenated my thoughts and desire to express how Life is here the way I see it! I encourage anyone that is reading or debating teaching English in Korea to check out There are some people that come to Korea bash the culture,food, and way of life! I can't stand this! You can't come to another country and bring your way of life and get frustrated when things don't go as you are used too! To me that is apart of the learning process and adventure! I feel once one loses that desire or zest. It's time for them to do something else. As for me I am still learning and embracing the culture everyday. So once again check out blog. My Bro told me "If your not Green and Growing Your Ripe and Rottening." Until next time. Be blessed people. ANNYONG

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Feels good to be back

Summer was crazy to say the least. I enjoyed being back home hanging out with my family and friends. The timing couldn't have been any better though. I just felt that I left premature the first time around. I wanted to at least say that I tried Grad School and Coaching. I def miss Coaching. I was blessed to work with a great group of guys and Coaching staff. However I don't miss school at all lol. Anyways, fast forward! Ok so this is my second week working at N-KIDS ACADEMY. It is so different than my public school job! I went from teaching 35+ kids in one class to 5-6 advanced students. I love it! I actually get to cover material that I enjoy and I also get a chance to be more creative. In Korea we often have debates about whats better teaching in the Public School or Private School. Both have their Pros and Cons. I encourage everyone that is deciding to teach English in Korea to weigh their options and do whats best for YOU. I will try to make a post about what I BELIEVE is better Private School vs. Public School. Overall it's good to be back! I enjoy teaching my work hours are low. I don't start work until 2:30pm I live close to my school. The city I work in is 45min from Seoul. I have everything I need in my city. The shopping is def going to be a problem we have everything. I will take some pictures and post some up! Anyways I hope all is well with everyone!